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Project Goal

Our collaboration with Ben Handyman emerged from the shared vision of enhancing their online presence. Ben Handyman, a versatile handyman company, sought to elevate its digital representation by redesigning its website, creating a distinctive logo, designing an impactful invoice template, and developing a standout business card. The primary goal was to showcase the diverse range of services offered, from carpentry to landscaping, and provide an intuitive platform for clients to connect with their skilled professionals.


Techonology-stack selection

To meet the diverse requirements of “Ndepxchange,” we opted for a robust technology stack. Laravel was chosen as the backend framework, while Vue.js and Tailwind CSS were utilized for frontend development. MySQL served as the database.

User-friendly Interface

We focused on creating a user-friendly and responsive interface using vanilla CSS. This ensured that users could easily navigate the platform, access essential features, and view live exchange rates conveniently.

Website Redesign

Using a technology stack comprising WordPress, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, we executed a comprehensive website redesign. The new website not only displayed an aesthetically pleasing interface but also incorporated user-friendly navigation, allowing visitors to explore Ben Handyman’s services effortlessly.

Brand identity

Our team worked closely with Entrepreneur Arena to conceptualize and craft a unique logo that captured the essence of Ben Handyman’s versatile services. The logo, seamlessly integrated into the website, contributed to a cohesive and professional brand identity.

Stationary design

We extended our design expertise to the creation of a visually appealing invoice template and business card. The invoice template reflected the brand’s professionalism, while the business card served as a tangible representation of Ben Handyman’s contact information and services.


The revamped digital presence received widespread acclaim and significantly elevated Ben Handyman’s brand image. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the final deliverables, noting the positive impact on their business. The website became a centralized hub for potential clients seeking home improvement services, while the cohesive brand identity, including the logo, invoice, and business card, conveyed professionalism and reliability.


This project marked a special collaboration between our team and Entrepreneur Arena, ensuring a fusion of creative ideas and expertise. The collaborative effort resulted in a harmonious blend of design elements that effectively communicated Ben Handyman’s commitment to quality and reliability.

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