We create custom  websites to meet every business need


Perfect Designs Co Ltd is a digital agency that gives you the best service. We are industry Experts in web design and Developement, Digital marketing and Brand identity design. 

Design that captivates your audience

Our creative team has several years of experience in understanding brands and creating unique experiences tailored to the brand’s feel and spirit. Not only that, but we’re comfortable with elevating the style of your existing digital properties. That ensures continuity in your products and websites, making your customers feel at home.

Already have a design team in-house? We’re happy to work with them, augment them, or pick up whatever they are not comfortable performing.

E-Commerce features

One can sell anything online these days. From physical products to downloadable and subscription services. it’s a never-ending flow of ideas for business or expansions to existing businesses. We help you hit your planned sales goals with a robust setup.

We work with WordPress’s most used eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce, Shopify, and even custom Designs with HTML and  CSS. 

Websites we build with WordPress or Shopify have no limits, as we can custom code anything to meet your specific requirements

Security & Reliability

We make no compromises when it comes to security and reliability. We use carefully picked and battle-tested plugins for all our projects and trusted hosting solutions, so your site never goes down.

We also design a complete maintenance and updates process, so there’s very little or no downtime when performing regular updates or adding changes you requested.

Our dev technology stack

Here are the different web technologies that we use for fullstack web development











Start growing your business with us today

At Perfect Designs, we are not your typical outsourcing company. Perfect Designs is a digital agency that engages in any project as a technology partner, meaning we’re fully involved, just as if it were developed in-house. We aim to provide the best software to fully satisfy our clients’ needs, even if this requires additional rounds of feedback and changes within the project scope.