What is the Discovery Phase of a web project?

If you have contacted us or any other agency for a project, you would have probably heard about the Discovery Phase.

The discovery phase is the first scheduled talk we do with our clients, and it’s probably the most important step in the development of your Project.

The discovery phase is a Phase where we as an agency get to know about your entire business, or business you plan on starting, and the team behind it(especially the stakeholders). During the discovery phase, the key is to dive deep and avoid some common mistakes.

Why is the discovery phase important?

A discovery call can set the entire tone of your relationship with us both before and after your project is completed.

It’s the point where we learn about your needs, pain points, and business organization and how we can craft solutions to meet those needs.

In a world where authenticity and a genuine connection are more important than ever, a discovery call is easiest for everybody. A great call gives you a chance to put ego aside and build real rapport using your active listening skills. Done right, they also give us all the information we need to hit a home run.

Basic questions we ask during the discovery phase.

  1. Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Company
  2. What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?
  3. How Would Solving for Problem XYZ Help Your Business?
  4. What Caused You to Address This Problem Today?
  5.  What Metrics Are You Responsible For?
  6.  What Would a Successful Outcome Look Like?
  7.  Have You Ever used a service like what you are trying to come up with?
  8.  How Can I Help Make This Easy?